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  • Some Recent Testimonials!

    • Merry M. | Tigard

      Always treated in a friendly, personal and professional manner. Wonderful dental treatment and feel truthful, honest advise given.

    • Alice M. | Wilsonville

      I’ve been a patient of Dr. Terence Clark for nearly 25 years. He and his staff have always provided exceptional care and highest quality of dental work. Wouldn’t change – ever!!!

    • Deborah R. | Wilsonville

      Love this place….Everyone is always on time, efficient, competent and FRIENDLY! Nice combination!!!

    • George C. | Wilsonville

      I was well received by reception. My teeth were cleaned which was the objective, and I was in and out without having to wait. I felt served and appreciated for being their client. I trust this Dental group!

    • Pamela Z | Wilsonville

      Always friendly staff and excellent service.

    • Shannon M. | Oregon City

      Pretty much the best dental health care team I have ever experienced. Consistently awesome, personable service. As someone who dreads the dentist….they tailor to my tension and make it all ok!! I drive quite a ways to see them and it is worth it!

    • D.B. | Wilsonville

      I have been a patient of Dr. Clark’s for years. I have always had a fear of dentists, but he is very calming and reassuring and always makes sure you are comfortable. He and everyone at his clinic genuinely care about their patients. As long as he is practicing, I will always go to him for all my dental needs.

  • Sedation Dentistry – Also known as Sleep Dentistry or Dental Anesthesia

    Many patients are pleased to hear that their dental needs can be met while they are sleeping! Thanks to the latest advancements in sedation dentistry, patients no longer need to experience the discomfort or inconvenience that can accompany multiple or lengthy dental procedures. Wilsonville Dental Group works closely with anesthesia providers who utilize IV sedation to allow a patient to sleep comfortably while all their dental work is completed. Because of the comprehensive training of our dentists, we are almost always able to provide all the dental care a patient might need while asleep, from root canals to crowns, deep cleanings to implants, extractions to fillings.

    Our ability to provide this care efficiently greatly decreases the cost for our patients as well as the time requirements because you will no longer have to visit multiple offices to accomplish the various treatment needs. Our services are also of great benefit to patients who, for whatever reason, are unable to cooperate for dental treatment. We have treated patients with severe autism, developmental or mental disabilities, burn or trauma patients and many other unique patient needs to numerous to list. From as young as 3 years old, to the elderly, sedation dentistry can keep your loved one or friend chewing without pain, free from infection and smiling comfortably. Sedation dentistry can also offer you the convenience of restoring your mouth in one or two visits.

    For patients who do not need a deep level of sedation, we are also a licensed provider of Nitrous Oxide. Whether you are getting your teeth cleaned or a root canal done, Nitrous Oxide can be a simple means to help you relax while your treatment is provided. Another method to help you relax involves taking certain medications in conjunction with your treatment. When taking these medications, it is necessary to have someone bring you safely to the office and take you home and monitor your recovery when the treatment is complete.

    Talk with your dentist today about these forms of relaxation available for your comfort. Your dentist will be able to help you decide which method will be of greatest benefit to you. Some of our patients even receive deep sedation for the examination and x-rays in order to identify the problems in their mouth! If you know someone who would benefit from this form of treatment, someone who hasn’t had dental care for many years because of their fears or can’t have dentistry in the conventional manner, please tell them today of this service available to them.

    Nitrous Oxide to help patients relax – Conscious Sedation

    Breathing Nitrous Oxide is a very helpful means for relaxation during dental treatment for many of our patients. The gas is simply inhaled in combination with oxygen for the desired relaxation. The gas is very popular because no lingering sedation results, meaning you will be able to drive yourself home immediately following your dental appointment. Many patients use this means of relaxation during their routine cleanings or periodontal care.